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Jiangyin Yueda Chemical Fiber Textile Co.,Ltd, a huge and top professional fiber manufacturer for 100% Polyester Staple Fiber recycled, raw white or bleached, is located in the town of XuXiaKe, JiangYin----a prime piece of Yangtze River Delta Area with unique geographical location and transport developed. As a strong Taiwanese joint venture, from the foundation year of 2002 , our company is dedicated to manufacturing green environmental-friendly PSF products...

Jiangyin Yueda Chemical Fiber Textile Co.,Ltd

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Intelligent and digital management; Quality and cost lead
New energy and new materials; Equipment and products are upgraded regularly

Excellent physical and chemical index

The product has good shape and high filling density. Product grain density narrow interval, wide adjustable range.

High-end testing equipment

High-end testing equipment, high-end laboratory

Unband, crush, shape

Handling vegetable Yong AGV car automatically connected materials, the scene was clean, neat and dust-free.

Batching, coating, packaging

Product ratio using MES system ratio control, product quality is stable.

Product quality

Product quality, temperature, speed real-time monitoring, to achieve pre-court warning mode.

Mixing, screening, demagnetization, packaging

The operating cost is reduced by 5-10% on the original basis, and the production efficiency is increased by 15%.

High quality, intelligent, excellent service

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